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42 Days Until Freedom!

A chap who I started work with last week told me how he feels stuck on the hamster wheel of life right now.


Groundhog Day.

And we got into talking about how much time he was wasting scrolling on his phones, looking at social media everyday.

It is bloody addictive though.

It takes so much of our attention away from “real” life. The present moment.

Anyway, I too have found myself mindlessly scrolling for a lot of my downtime and was distracting myself from working on things I have to do between clients:

The boring admin, the dreaded tax return argh!!!

And ironically…creating things like this to share!

Me and this chap, well, we’ve come to an agreement…a sort of challenge I guess

while he does his 6 weeks with me…

15mins max social media time a day for the next 6 weeks.

6 weeks is a perfect amount of time to reset ourselves , rest and means we can concentrate more on the important stuff…

Like living life in the now!

AND the weather is lovely in my part of the UK too!!!

I can't remember when I last looked out of my window and saw skies this clear!

So I'm spending a LOT more time outdoors and I encourage everyone to do the same!

Top up that Vitamin D because, not to sound all doom and gloom… 6 weeks time, it'll be autumn.


Today’s question:

Where do YOU want to be in just 6 weeks time?

I know It’s hard for some of us to think about the long-term.

Big goals that make us grin, ticking things off the bucket list, going places we dream of visiting...


We struggle on living day to day life with a foggy head, clouded judgement and not the of best mental health...

Because we’ve put up with it for so long, it feels kinda "normal."

Unfortunately, "normal" for a lot of people ”normal" leads to being in a "stuck" state.

But, it does not have to be that way and it doesn't take that long at all to get unstuck...

Where do YOU want to be in 6 weeks time?

Don’t think too far ahead. Just 42 days.

What would you like to have done. How do you want to feel?

Where do YOU want to be in 6 weeks time?


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