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People who work with me do so for a number of reasons:

They’re fed up with feeling a certain way.

They have thoughts and beliefs that they don’t want anymore.

They overthink things all the time.

They want more confidence.

They want to find happiness.

They want inner peace.

They want better relationships.

They want to be “in the zone” more and perform better.

They want to be able to handle any shit that life throws at them.

Now, it’s only been fairly recently in my journey as a people helper and a fellow humanoid that I’ve discovered this too… I’m talking in the last 2-3 years or so.

Like a lot of coaches, I used to try and “fix” things. Mend peoples minds. Use techniques, models, theories, concepts, strategies etc.

But…It all starts with this…

Deepening our understanding of our own minds.

Finding out what really creates our experiences.

Looking at how other people have moved from being stuck to being truly free.

Overcoming struggles. Trauma. Being dealt a bad hand…

Or just being free of their own bullshit.

Liberated from the prison of their own minds.

Freed from the stories they tell themselves…about themselves!

Freedom from their thoughts.

This new-found freedom allows us to REALLY change.

To grow. To help others too. Be there for them.

Inspire those around us.

Thrive….not just survive.

Be courageous. Dig deep. Discover what makes you tick. And that does not mean going back into your past, reliving past trauma or endlessly talking about “feelings” either.

Trust me. As someone who’d been in therapy for years and tried pretty much everything going to “cure my depression” or “combat anxiety” or not feel stressed anymore, I can 100% confirm that the things that we label “wrong” with us or what happened to us in our lives or what our problems are…are not as powerful as what you think… nowhere near as powerful as the stories we tell ourselves.

Honestly. It doesn’t matter what the problem is.

They all come from the same place.

Be curious. Ask questions and remember to suspend disbelief for a second or two.

We used to think the world was flat (some of us still do but that’s a different story!) and still would if it wasn’t for curiosity and courage to challenge common beliefs.

Stop searching and “surrender”

That does NOT mean give up! Or give in! It means trust yourself.

Develop a bulletproof mind. Back yourself. Have faith and confidence in yourself. That’s why we call these things SELF worth. SELF respect. SELF esteem etc, They come from within our SELVES…not others.

We need to stop looking to the outside world for happiness, motivation or confidence and get out there and be fucking fearless!

The only thing that stops us getting what we want, being who we want and feeling how we want is something on the INSIDE.

Our own happiness is “an inside job”

It really is nothing to do with other people or the outside world.

Live life YOUR way.



I work with people everyday to accelerate that journey away from fear holding them back to being the best version of themselves.

I can show you how to do that too.

Let's work together to put fear in it’s place once and for all and get you towards what you DO wanna feel instead! Click the button below for more info on MINDSET COACHING and how you can apply for a FREE 90 min session sponsored by BORN 2 BLEED.

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