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I awoke..and the sheets were soaked!

My heart was pounding out of my chest.

Sheets were soaked in sweat (urgh)

and my mind was doing 150 MPH!

Last night, I had a nightmare…more like what some may call a “night terror”

And last nights one was a corker…

I used to have them quite often. Now that my mind is generally a lot calmer, not so much these days.

It used to affect me for the rest of night, completely messing up the following day and these apocalyptic visions and terrifying thoughts would follow me for days, weeks, months…

Some of them…even YEARS later, I can recall vividly the intensity and horrible content…

But I DON’T HAVE TO…Like all thoughts, I can chose to let them go.

I won’t go into details. I don’t want to bore you, shock you, or want pity.

AND, I certainly don’t want my dreams analysed!

The analysis may be interesting to some but I think it’s totally pointless.

No one needs that…

Nowadays, these nightmares just leave my mind after they’ve happened.

Zero point dwelling on the past right?!

We have constant thoughts .

Even when we’re asleep.

When you’re asleep you have dreams or nightmares which are night thoughts. But you also have day dreams and day-mares which you’re actively thinking of.

Nightmares are just thoughts.

They’re also harmless. They float in and either leave or will hang around if you give them the power to do so by thinking about them…

Thoughts are supposed to be like that. But when people have lots of thoughts and they’re getting pumped out like crazy…well that’s the sign of an overactive mind.

Which someone might call a condition like Stress. Anxiety. Depression.

See if you give energy or power to a thought…it gets bigger. It also multiplies! Like a problem that just gets bigger or splits off into loads of other problems arrghhh!

That’s what we all do though. We DWELL on thought which is giving it power over us and creating “thought bubble babies!”

Expanding the “problem” within our minds some more and multiplying with all the excess energy we give it.

All this is happening innocently.

It’s unintentional. It’s very natural, normal human behaviour.

You’re supposed to get THAT feeling because you’re having lots of THOSE thoughts


Don’t be scared of your dreams. Your Nightmares.

Your Day-mares are part of the experience.

Jimmy BORN 2 BLEED Mindset Coach

P.S If you want to have more nights of good sleep, stop over-thinking and kiss goodnight to anxiety once and for all get in touch…

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