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How has fear held you back from doing the things you want to do?

What fears are keeping you from living the way you want to live your life?

Think about that…

Even if just for a moment…doesn’t have to be an hour pondering, but maybe 5-10mins…

Done that?


Those are some tough questions for some people…

Asking yourself those kinds of things can be uncomfortable.

So let’s flip that for a second…

Cos this next question should feel EXCITING!

What would you do if you DIDN'T feel fear?

How would you feel instead?

What would you do if you no longer felt held back from doing the things you wanted to do?

Think about that for a bit now and, if possible, write down your answers.

We often know what we DON’T want to feel.

We can talk about what we don’t like a lot more than what we DO want to feel instead and what we don’t like.

It’s a bit like being in a restaurant. The waiter comes over and says “what would you like?” and we sit there, pointing at the menu, explaining to him what food we DON’T want and detailing why we don’t like it!


So, as of today, flip that and focus on what you DO want instead!

What’s your biggest dream? And what’s the biggest fear standing in the way?

What would you do if you DIDN'T feel worried or anxious?

Feel free to email me your answers to or msg the B2B social media pages ( I actually DO read them all I promise!) and I can talk about some of them in future…

Speak soon.



I've had hours and hours of conversations with people who felt that…

Fear held them back.

I work with people everyday to accelerate that journey away from any anxiousness holding them back so they can get can get after what they DO want in life in as little as 6 short weeks.

Anyone interested in some of that can check it out HERE

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