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Feelin' sick - GOOD!

I’ve got a lovely dose of Covid.

I feel pretty rough, tired and get exhausted just standing up to take a pee!

However, despite how crappy I may feel on the outside, I am grateful for a lot of things:

  • The support of family and friends

  • the chance to do some reading

  • Forced relaxation!

  • The opportunity to put my “Wim Hof” boosted immune system to the test

  • Roast beef, Jollof rice and homemade tomato soup! (I still have taste and smell!)

I have a little book that I keep in my bedside drawer called The book of awesome!

It’s basically a little flip over notebook that, since 2015, I’ve been writing things that I’m grateful for and cool things that have happened.

I call it my “evidence book.”

It proves to me that even though things can be a bit shit on the outside, there are always things to be grateful for if we don’t allow the dark clouds of our present situation to obscure them.

What would be in your “book of awesome”?!

Who and what are you grateful for?

What cool things are happening around you right now?

Right, I’m off back to bed!

Jimmy BORN 2 BLEED Mindset Coach

P.S My Monday motivation below (although it can and should be everyday listening) is from

ex navy seal and stoic badass Jocko.

It’s just over 2 mins and I’ll never tire of hearing it.

It’s all about flipping failure on its head and dealing with bad situations.

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