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Get Yourself Unstuck!

This is what a guy I was coaching earlier this year called me last Monday to say:

"I have news….. I’ve left my job, taken back full control and I’m off travelling with the family. (partner and my 2 year old and 6 month old)

I’m buzzing!

I was stuck in a job with the rev counter at 200mph, in a cycle of never ending hassle.


At the beginning of my 6-WEEK MINDSHIFT

I felt like my “Sat-Nav” was gone, thought ruled my feelings and I was adrift.

Confidence gone and removed from my usual self.

Sound familiar!?

My work life was ruling me but by taking back control, building bullet proof resilience and re-engaging the Sat Nav I has gone through the mother of all resets!

I’m putting my family, my mental health and my heart first. I’m following a dream but more importantly I have put myself first.

The transformation has been unreal. From worrying about what others think, to not giving a shit.

From stressing about the future, to getting excited about it.

From getting knocked easily to not getting knocked at all. I’ve done it!

Everything that was wrong I have removed from my path in the search of something new.

Something exciting and something fulfilling.

Thanks to you man!



Now, whilst it's bloody awesome to get such good feedback, I can't take all the credit...

Plus, I don't like to blow my own trumpet too much!

See, Rich was the one who did all the hard work and heavy lifting . Hence why I highlighted:

"Everything that was wrong... I have removed from my path in the search of something new."

I was there as a guide for Rich. Not his guru.

I was like "the personal trainer for his mental health"

And, I didn't even have to give him advice or tell him what or what not to do. He already knew deep down.

He just needed a bit of help uncovering it for himself and discovering that the "bullet proof resilience" he had all along...

...had just been covered in layers of crap.

Stories we tell ourselves, about ourselves and made up reasons as to why we can't get after what we want in life.

Until he saw what was really happening and DECIDED to shift them for himself.

There's a couple of things I ask new clients when they start work with me either with coaching or mentoring:

1. Imagine if every time we tried to have a session, something happens to prevent it (e.g car breaks down on the way to meet me, phone runs out of battery, wifi disconnects, there's a power-cut, Zoom, FaceTime etc doesn't work..."

What could YOU do to get the same result you're coming to me for?

List THREE things right now.

2. Imagine that someone you know is in exactly the same situation you are now. They're stuck. What would YOU say to them? What advice could you give them?

How could YOU help them get the result they're after?

List another THREE things right now.

Keep those 2 empowering approaches in mind next time you or perhaps someone close to you is struggling with something, having a wobble or needs help themselves!

Have a great week and stay cool!


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