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I was paying some bills today via online banking…

Monthly payments made. Money transferred. Mortgage paid for another month.

Now, those numbers on the screen used to make me feel anxious…

Make me feel really low and desperate.

Then one day, a thought occurred to me.

I can either use it as motivation to get creative and make some more moolah…


I can let it make me reactive and nervous about the future.

Either way, they are both just thoughts in the moment.

I heard this phrase from a coach last year, which I’m kinda butchering a bit but here goes:

Are you using your bank balance as a barometer for happiness?”

My honest answer is “yep..sometimes!”

But, it's also true that...

Money is just money. It comes and goes.

We all would like some more of it!

But how much more?

And what if that isn’t enough?

Well, then you want more…

And on and on we go on the hamster wheel…

Same as a lot of other goals we set ourselves in life…

We create these ideas out of thin air for things that we think will make us happy or because society tells us we need:

  • A 6 figure income

  • Supercar

  • Rolex

  • Perfect Physique

  • To be really good looking

Whatever it is, we then get frustrated, obsessed with it, depressed about not attaining it…

And even if we DO get what we think we want…

the boredom inevitably returns and...

once again it feels like “not enough.”

We feel like “not enough”

So, we set a new goal. The hamster wheel keeps spinning. But no matter what – we never feel truly happy.

Madness right!?

It is utterly exhausting when we measure our happiness in materialism.

Other than ourselves, who fucking cares who much we earn?!

There will ALWAYS be someone with more money than us.

When we become happy with what we’re doing, the processes we are already using, the job and the things that we already have, it’s so much easier to keep on doing the work, building that momentum that truly leads to fulfilment.

Want a better strategy?

Focusing on progress - not outcomes.

Focusing on the process itself.

Focusing on being grateful for what we DO have.

So my question for you guys today is:

"What are YOU using as a barometer for your happiness?"

Have a great week. Take care, speak soon.

Jimmy BORN 2 BLEED Mindset Coach

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