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Do you know what your values are?

Whether you know what they are or not…

They are what drive us.

Our values are like our own personal code of ethics.

What we think and feel are important.

Our values shape our decisions…

Which leads to us forming habits, behaviours and actions.

Creating the results we experience in life.

So many people aren't clear on their values.

And some of us are but still act in a way that goes AGAINST those values.

But, if we aren’t aware of our values in the first place,

Then our decisions, actions and consequences are often made in the dark too.

A lot of us focus on goal setting…

But there are often competing forces at work.

What we’re trying to achieve can be at odds with our values.

What we DO is often conflicting with our values.

There are discrepancies with how we’re living and our values.

Here are some examples I’ve seen in myself, others and from coaching conversations over the last 3 years:

You say you value health and exercise, yet you’re living like an 80’s rockstar!

You told me you wanted to quit that job. 6 months ago.

But you haven’t. Do you value job security over freedom?

You say that you want to write and release your own music.

Do you value perfectionism over creativity.

You say you want to make a difference in the world, yet you’re hiding away.

Do you value safety over bravery?

You say you want to be able to look after others, yet you make no effort to look after yourself.

Whatever you wanna do, do it with your values in mind!

What are your values?

What do YOU value?

It's important to take time to work out what you value…

What you valued 10 years ago may NOT be what you value now.

The “me” of today is a totally different person to the 33 year old version of me!

I value TOTALLY different things now that I’m coaching, teaching, married, older, wiser (hopefully wiser anyway!)

I value different things now to what I did at the end of last year even…

Knowing what our values are helps us make better decisions and take better action.

I have some exercises that will help with that too (see link below)

It starts with simply thinking what they are and writing them down.

Then...pick your top 5 or 6.

These are your core values.

Remember, they can and will change over time but, right now, start with this to get some clarity and control.

To give you a rough idea, here are the values I live by:

1 Freedom

2 Integrity

3 Empowerment

4 Relationships

5 Creativity

6 Empathy

They quite niftily spell FIERCE too haha!

Finally, check out this core values questionnaire I've put together here.



To help you get started, come up with one or two values for each of these areas.

Work, career.

Education/improving knowledge and skillsets

Leisure, fun, hobbies, playtime!

Relationships with everyone

Personal Growth and health


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