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Where are you based?

Drum lessons and coaching in Mid-Ulster.

Castledawson BT45 8AR Co. Derry / Londonderry, right in the centre of Northern Ireland. 

The central location makes it pretty easy to get to from anywhere in N.I.

If you're put off by having to travel more than 15 mins, this is not the coaching for you.


I only work with drummers who are COMMITTED!

I used to do 70 mile round trips 2-3 times per week to practice with my old band for years and some people won't travel more than 2-3 miles!

For those who have further to travel, there is the option of doing a double-lesson every 2 weeks though, combination of in-person AND online lessons or custom 2 hour workshops.

I have had a variety of students aged 7-50+ years old from all over N.I.  - from Magherafelt, Cookstown, Armagh, Derry/Londonderry, Ballymoney, Ballymena, Antrim, Armagh, Crumlin and Newtownabbey / Belfast area to name a few.


Why take drum lessons, can I not just learn by myself?

Pretty much everything you'd ever need to know about drumming is available online these days and yes you can learn by yourself.

The problem is that there's so many videos and SO much information online that it can be overwhelming and leave you feeling confused and not knowing where to start.

You also tend to pick up a lot of bad habits without guidance and once you finally realise that you've been playing things wrong it can be hard to unlearn those things (I know this from personal experience!)

The advantage of having a coach is that I can give you a more simple and structured way to learn, building a good solid foundation of getting those basics right, playing with good form and solid timing.

A good coach can help make aware of little things you're doing that hold you back - things like tensing up, speeding up when playing fills, poor technique, missing a beat in a certain part or adding in extra ones without realising.

There's a reason that the top footballers, fighters, athletes, musicians and business people in the world have coaches - they are committed to learning, growing and constantly improving.

I can help you avoid the mistakes that I made over the years and share my years of experience of learning, playing, gigging, writing, recording and overcoming injury and health problems and help you to become the best that you can be and progress A LOT quicker than you would be learning by yourself.

There are lots of great online lessons but what they can't do is give you that personal touch and tell you where you're going wrong.


Do I need to practice at home?

YES! You only get out of drum lessons and coaching what you put in!


You must commit to practicing AT LEAST 15 mins per day or 1.5 hours per week if you want to work with me.

Lessons are not to be used as a practice session.

The lessons are for me to teach you, analyse your playing and give you feedback and the things you need to work on for the next lesson so you can keep progressing.

If you don't practice at home then you are just wasting your money and both my time and your own.

I want you to get as much value as possible from the lessons whether you're with me short-term or long-term, and that means YOU putting the work in at home.


What if I don't have a kit right now?

I understand that if you're a complete beginner, you might want to try out some lessons to see if drumming is for you before investing in a kit.

Having an acoustic or electric kit at home is ideal but I can show you how to practice the techniques I show you, at home with no kit (yes really!).

If you want to work with me for more than a month though you must get yourself a kit of some sort (you can get great deals on 2nd hand kits! so you don't need to spend a fortune!)


Do I have to commit to lessons long-term?

No, but the minimum commitment I require is 4 x 45min lessons, 2 x double-lessons or you can do a one-off 2-hour workshop.

If you book one of the 6-12 week courses you have the option of continuing lessons once the course finishes but it's not mandatory.

What kind of kit are lessons taught on?

Lessons are given on an ALESIS CRIMSON II electric kit.



Am I too old to learn?

No! You are NEVER too old to learn or get back to drumming.


I have had students ranging from 7 to 50 years old and happy to teach anyone older.


Despite what most people believe, we are capable of learning and growing until the day we die and we feel better and more accomplished when we learn new things and make progress.


If you have any doubts feel free to get in touch and I'll have a chat with you.

Will my health or injuries stop me from learning/playing?

It all depends on what your issues are. Will it stop you forever?


No, not if you're determined to recover and do whatever it takes to get your health back.


I broke my back and badly broke my left arm and wrist back in 2000 and became a much better drummer with an even better attitude after that!


Chronic knee pain forced me to quit drumming and playing music in 2013 for about 5 years but I completely changed my mindset and my lifestyle, became fitter and healthier than ever, played a reunion gig with my old band in 2018, started teaching drums and created the BORN 2 BLEED brand in 2019!

Nothing is impossible and I'm passionate about this so if you're have any doubts please get in touch and I'm happy to have a chat with you to see if I can help.



Do you cover other styles of music apart from rock and metal?



If it's not some form of Hard Rock, Metal or Hardcore you want to learn then I am not the right coach for you. If


you're unsure though feel free to get in touch and ask.


Do you cover drum theory and grading?



My focus is all on getting you playing what YOU want to play as soon as possible, building the confidence, self-discipline and mindset to help you become the best drummer you can be.



Is it hard and how long will it take to learn?

That's a How long is a piece of string?-type question.


It all depends on how much effort and practice you put in and everybody learns at different rates.


The more you pay attention in lessons, listen to what I say and practice at home the QUICKER you will progress.


Someone who practices 2 hours per day will obviously progress A LOT quicker than someone who practices 15 minutes per day.

Someone who doesn't practice at all will make very little or no progress at all - plus they will not be able to continue taking lessons with me.

Learning to drum is not easy but nothing worth doing is!

Drumming is worth the effort if you stick at it - some of the best times of my life I owe to drumming and playing heavy music!


It's really fun and satisfying when you learn to do/play things you never thought you'd be capable of.


Good music, learning new things, pushing and challenging yourself and making progress is what life is all about!


No matter what level you're at...




For any other queries on drum lessons/coaching simply text or Whatsapp Steve on 07834985834 or DM on Facebook or Instagram.

He will be happy to have a chat on the phone also to see what is most suitable for you.

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