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BORN 2 BLEED was born from STRUGGLE and a burning passion for HEAVY MUSIC and PERSONAL GROWTH!

Right now it's a small independent brand and a one-man operation based in the UK (Northern Ireland), but that will change, as it evolves into something truly special and impacts heavy music fans all over the world.

The mission is to motivate and inspire ROCKERS, METALHEADS and HARDCORE fans - people like you and me, ALL OVER THE WORLD to overcome their struggles, be the best they can be, develop a POSITIVE MENTAL ATTITUDE and NEVER GIVE UP!

Not only can you SURVIVE anything life throws at you...


You can THRIVE and get stronger, fitter, sharper and healthier (mentally AND physically!) 

You are capable of A LOT than you realise, start thinking BIGGER!


By becoming the best version of yourself and living your best fucking life, you will INSPIRE others to do the same!





BORN 2 BLEED will offer a continuously expanding range of METAL-INSPIRED, motivational apparel and merch!

It will deliver metal-inspired motivation and inspirational content to your inbox and through social media as we build a WORLDWIDE community of rock, metal and hardcore fans who lift and support each other as they strive to be the best they can be!


It will also continue to grow and evolve, venturing into other areas including music, health, fitness, well-being and beyond - watch this space!


There are NO LIMITS to your potential!

BORN 2 BLEED is more than just a brand... it's an ATTITUDE!

It's a fucking MOVEMENT!

JOIN US and let's fucking SURVIVETHRIVE and INSPIRE!

Stephen Brown (OWNER/FOUNDER)

To find out about how I fought through my own personal struggles and

what led me to creating the brand, check out MY STORY.

Born 2 Bleed owner & metal drummer steve wearing skull logo B2B t-shirt
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