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Question Everything - FEAR IS THE REAL VIRUS!

Updated: Nov 16, 2021

Quote saying FEAR is the real virus in big bold letters

In 2020-21 the big trend is to discredit and attack anyone who questions the shit the government and mainstream media puts out i.e. the mainstream narrative.

Anyone who questions this, shares a different opinion or even HELPFUL health advice that isn't telling you to wear a mask, take a vaccine or isolate yourself, is CENSORED or branded a crazy conspiracy theorist and unfortunately now the majority of people seem to go along with this.

There seems to be a mind-blowing trust in the governments and mainstream media – where the fuck did this come from? Do people genuinely think they have our best interests at heart?

Do the lyrics of this song resonate with you too?

They have everything hyped up and so many people scared shitless that they can't think straight and I hate to see it.

I'm not one of those who deny the virus exists and I feel for anyone who has suffered badly because of it (or any other illness or tragedy) but there definitely seems to be a bigger and more sinister agenda to control people and strip away our rights and freedom through FEAR and MANIPULATION!

Just look up how fear, stress and loneliness affect your general health and immune system and you'll realise nearly everything the governments and media have been doing has been affecting the population's health in a very fuckin' negative way!

The words FUCK CENSORSHIP on a black circle

This blog is simply my opinion and I'm writing it in the hope that it will make a few people think about things a little differently perhaps, and to anyone who disagrees with me that's cool too. I can still be friends with people who have different opinions and don't try to be an asshole and force people into believing the same things. Can you?

I get that there are some actual crazy conspiracies that aren't true but a lot of the shit that is branded conspiracy comes from health experts and scientists with years of experience and research to back it up yet they are censored, banned or put down and mocked the odd time they do get to speak out on certain shows.

There are always extremists and “crazies” on every side but to just believe everything that's being spewed from the media and that our freedoms are being taken away for our own good just seems crazy to me.

Crazier than those “crazy” Conspiracy Theorists!

I don't believe every Conspiracy Theory I read or hear as there is always bullshit out there but there are definitely quite a few that make you think and there are a lot of things branded conspiracies that were confirmed but never broadcast to the masses.

I think it's just as foolish to dismiss EVERY "conspiracy theory" as bullshit as it is to BELIEVE every one you hear.

Quote - CONSPIRACY THEORIST - A term used to discredit those who see through the bullshit

The term Conspiracy Theorist is now unfortunately CONSTANTLY used by media and a lot of people to discredit ANYONE who questions or speaks out against the mainstream narrative.

As with most situations in life where there are opposite opinions, usually the truth is somewhere in the middle.

One thing is for certain though, there is a lot we've being told about this Pandemic by our governments and certain Health organisations that doesn't add up and when there's a lot of censorship going on it gives the impression that there's something to hide.

Otherwise, why not hear different opinions and let the various experts have public debates and share information freely so people can make up their own minds.

Why not let everyone hear what they have to say especially when they have years of experience in their field PLUS I personally think it's always good to hear an outside perspective on things.

When people go out of the way to hide or censor information and other people it's always makes me suspicious. If you're telling the truth you don't worry about what other people are saying about it surely?

Manipulating the masses is nothing new. Check out this documentary, made be the BBC years ago, called CENTURY OF SELF. I watched it after SEPULTURA vocalist Derrick Green talked about it on The Jasta Show podcast a while back.

Add this to your YouTube "Watch Later" or Playlist and check it out!

I'm surprised YouTube hasn't taken it down. No doubt the BBC wouldn't broadcast it now!

You might have to watch it in a few sittings but it's very interesting and will open your eyes to how the media has manipulated people to sway their opinions and control them for the last 100 years with the help of Psychotherapists and others.

George Carlin quote - Don't just teach your children to read, teach them to question what they read... question everything!


I didn't pay much attention when the Pandemic hit us in March 2020 but I started paying more attention when the lockdown came in and I was hearing more and more about how social media channels like Facebook, Instagram and Youtube were starting to censor posts and opinions that went against the “official” story and information put out by the mainstream media and our governments.

When even established health experts and scientists are getting posts removed or banned for just sharing natural ways of improving your immune systems, fighting the virus and giving their views it seemed a bit suspicious.

I then watched an interview with David Icke on LONDON REAL.

David Icke isn't someone I ever paid much attention or would've listened to after hearing some crazy “conspiracy theories” he talked about in the past BUT ever since changing my mindset to overcome chronic knee pain and improve my health a few years ago, I've been a lot more open-minded.

Dale Carnegie quote - Keep your mind open to change all the time. Welcome it. Court it...

Just because someone talks about shit that sounds crazy to you, or even if they ARE wrong about some things doesn't mean that they are wrong about everything.

Everyone you do believe and TRUST has been wrong about things in the past, told lies and fucked up - we ALL have... after all we're human!

Brian Rose's LONDON REAL podcast/show played a major role and many of his guests, from all different backgrounds really inspired my and helped opened my mind to all sorts of possibilities for improving health, fitness, mindset and achieving great things.

Check out some great interviews with Cromags frontman JOHN JOSEPH, the Iceman WIM HOF, former Mr Universe DORIAN YATES (below), UFC fighters and trainers and many others including ICE-T and Alice Cooper's manager SHEP GORDON.

I don't believe 100% of what anyone says as everyone can be wrong about something but in general I'll hear people out and LONDON REAL has had some amazing guests with different views and outlooks on life than most people have and everything discussed is about improving your health, personal growth and generally improving your life so I gave David Icke a chance.

You can hear a few comments or 2 min video excerpts and it can give you a completely different view of someone than when you listen to a 2-hour interview and this was the case with Icke.

I didn't just swallow everything he said but as the year went on everything he predicted that the governments and media would do from the fear campaigns to make out the impact of the virus a lot worse than it actually was, manipulating people to taking away people's freedom, dividing and shaming people who don't comply and convincing them that it's for their own good... all pretty much came true, the way he said it.

It certainly made ME think.

Quote - The media tells you who to love, who to your mind from mental slavery

London Real had posts censored and the video was taken down from YouTube but why censor this I thought?

There's loads of more harmful shit on these social media channels and yes he was completely going against the mainstream narrative but he wasn't preaching hatred, in fact the opposite.

London Real went on to broadcast many interviews with doctors, scientists, health experts and others also questioning everything though they had to create the FREEDOM PLATFORM website to broadcast these.

Many different professionals have stated that the PCR test was not accurate for testing for the virus, that masks were not effective and the reasons why, shared concerns for our freedoms and civil liberties being taken away, the dangers of the new vaccines that were being rushed and also the harm caused by many tried and tested vaccines which were developed over years.

Companies who make the vaccines have been sued for billions but due to the law being changed in the US and more recently in the UK (it was on the UK government website) they are no longer LIABLE for any harm that they cause (FACT)... the list goes on.

Check out the interview with Robert F Kennedy Jr (Author, Chairman of Children's Defence & Nephew of John F Kennedy) regarding where he explains why Ronald Regan changed the law in the US to protect vaccine companies who had been sued over and over and how autism and other conditions increased in line with the number of vaccines introduced.

Another podcast I have followed for a few years called THE MODEL HEALTH SHOW shared concerns about the fear tactics used by media and governments and the ineffectiveness of masks.

The host Shawn Stevenson really researches everything he does, questions everything on both sides of arguments, talks about the different types of research and studies and which are the most reliable and the importance of who is funding them on the outcome and whether you get the truth or not.

He produced a documentary called MASK FACTS which is worth checking out HERE and talks about it in the podcast below.

He's not into conspiracies and gives links to all his research and references. He goes into the history of the mask and why they were first used, how surgeons have used them and studies that show they are not effective even for their purpose.

Studies also showed that CLOTH masks (yes those that most people wear like fashion accessories) actually increase risks of infection in general.

The main thing he pushes, that I agree with, is encouraging you to GET HEALTHIER, strengthen your immune system and improving your overall quality of life.

The BIG majority of people affected badly or killed by the virus had serious health issues already so why are there no campaigns to encourage healthy eating, habits and lifestyles that will improve everyone's quality of life should they choose to do something about it!

Golden background with $100 bills saying Your health is your wealth

Check some of these podcasts and documentaries out for yourself and make your OWN mind up. I watched a few of them and listened to and read various opinions and views from others who questioned it as well as the mainstream.

Check out the PLANDEMIC: IN-DOCTOR-NATION documentary for a different perspective and the original PLANDEMIC interview with virologist Dr Julie Mikovits too who made claims people laughed at that turned out true.

You can also hear how the pharmaceutical industry started and how doctors with natural holistic methods were demonised and about "Fact Checkers."

I've listened to Director Mikki Willis on a couple of podcasts (like the one below) and he comes across a lot more genuine that most, plus he links all his sources on his website if you really want to go down the rabbit hole.

The other main points that make me continue to question it all are:

  • constant FEAR MONGERING – bombarding people with bad news, trying to scare them and make out like it's the fucking plague when, yes it's serious but they don't make it clear that only something like 98-99% of people who contract Covid actually die and the big majority of those have serious health issues already. The more stressed out and fearful you are the weaker your immune system is – FACT!

Why are governments not encouraging, educating and promoting HEALTHY lifestyles?

Heart Disease, Obesity, Cancer, Diabetes and fear and anxiety related illnesses are through the roof yet you don't hear much about that! The OVERALL HEALTH of people in the US and here in the UK, Ireland and many other nations is far from good and chronic illnesses and pain are all too common.

  • Manipulation of Covid figures and misleading death count – why are Covid deaths actually counting people who didn't specifically die from the virus, they are people who dies WITH Covid? Why are they trying to make out that things are even worse than they are?

  • HOSPITALS reported as full and over-run by the media then I've heard many reports (and spoken to people personally) who were in hospital during the “worst” times and they were practically empty with staff looking bored and not having much to do.

No doubt some were really under pressure but the NHS here in the UK has been under pressure, under staffed and up against it for years due to government negligence and they refused to give pay rises and support hard-working staff!

  • Reports of people who never actually got tested receiving letters stating they tested POSITIVE!

  • LOCKDOWNS that ruined so many businesses and no doubtwhere “essential” shops like McDonald's, Burger King, KFC and Off-Licences (Liquor Stores) remain open while Holistic Health practices and gyms, which are beneficial to your health closed down... Add to that people told to stay inside as much as possible when being out in nature, breathing FRESH AIR and MOVING are all PROVEN to benefit both your physical and mental health.

  • The Flu seems to have “disappeared”– are Flu cases/deaths counted as Covid?... Also the no. of Covid deaths was reported to be very similar to the numbers in previous years as the normal Flu and think, if the media bombarded you with the numbers of people who contracted and died from the Flu every day for a year or so everyone would be fuckin' terrified because of it.

Yet, because this was not the case, people acknowledge the Flu but aren't deathly afraid of it or willing to sacrifice their freedoms for it.

  • The MASSIVE negative effect on people's quality of life, MENTAL HEALTH and physical health due to isolation, lockdowns and the fear mongering which doesn't seem to get much consideration.

  • BILL GATES being a spokesman for the world's health and advising everyone on how we NEED to VACCINATE the world and what we need to do to get through the pandemic but seeing actual footage of him from a while back (before the Covid vaccines) saying how VACCINES were the best investment he ever made - he invested $10 BILLION and made $200 BILLION! His own words!

A pretty good reason to control and manipulate people and push a vaccine that has been rushed out and that no-one knows the long-term effects of eh?

Quote - The opposite of courage in our society is not cowardice, it is conformity


The last point is the one that really pisses me off and makes me question what's really going on – the idea of “MANDATORY” vaccines.

Now I'm not against the idea of vaccines, what I am against is people being manipulated, shamed, forced or blackmailed into taking an experimental vaccine that has been rushed and that we don't know the long term side-effects of.

EVERYONE should have the right to decide what does or does not go into their body without being stripped of their freedom don't you think?

I used to take the Flu vaccine every year because of my asthma but stopped a few years ago when I learned of some of the harmful shit that goes into them like Mercury and fucking Formaldehyde so I put my focus on eating healthy and living a healthier lifestyle which has improved my quality of life so much.

Quote - The food you eat can be either the safest and most powerful form of medicine or slowest form of posion

It's great to hear SOME people in the heavy music world speak out against a lot of the corrupt and questionable shit, although disappointingly there's not many so far.

John Joseph of the legendary CRO-MAGS is very vocal about it as is Tommy Vext (ex-BAD WOLVES & DIVINE HERESY).

Jamey Jasta from HATEBREED has questioned things on his podcast with various guests and New York Hardcore legends MADBALL have said they won't be playing any shows that require proof of vaccination.

Members of hardcore legends SICK OF IT ALL have shared thoughts on social media and interviews which is good to see as they've talked about a lot of the corruption in the world and the “Elite” that pull the strings along with others and ex-FEAR FACTORY bassist/guitarist Christian Olde Wolbers has spoken out.

Rage Against The Machine with quote - And now you do what they told ya

FREEDOM OF CHOICE is something we can't let slip away from us. No-one has the right to decide what YOU put into YOUR body and if they're having to spend billions on PR campaigns, blackmailing people into getting it by taking away their freedom to travel or go to public places then surely that has to sound suspicious or desperate?

Oh and of course, what do you do when people who are obese are at the greatest risk of death from the virus?

Yes, bribe them with alcohol, ice cream and donuts – food that will make their health worse! It really doesn't make any sense to think that they're looking out for us all does it and seems a bit desperate and suspicious to me.

Add to that, these huge vaccine/pharmaceutical companies have previously been sued for billions for false advertising and harm caused by medications and vaccines which have ruined peoples lives.

If you're being blackmailed into taking it by your government and everyone goes along with it just to go on holiday or go to concerts, restaurants etc where will that lead? What will they blackmail you to do next? Where does this lead?

A list of points explaining how the government is an abusive spouse this point

A lot of things that are happening in the “FREE” World resemble a lot of things that happen in Communist countries like China and North Korea don't you think?

People are becoming more and more divided and when people are divided they are more easily controlled!

I know I won't be forced into it. I decide what goes into my body and I've prioritised my health over the last few years.

A healthy diet, regular exercise and a positive mental attitude will keep me healthier than any of that shit! We were created with an amazing immune system and body that works great when we don't feed it or our mind a load of harmful shit!

Pennywise quote - Fuck authority, silent majority, raised by the system, now it's time to rise against them

Anyhow, rant over. I don't care who disagrees or gets pissed off or doesn't believe any of the things that I've said, in fact don't believe or disbelieve from what I've said, do a little research yourself or just don't swallow everything that's said without questioning it.


"I resist the pressure to be who you want me to be, I resist so I am FREE!" - BIOHAZARD

I'm not a “crazy conspiracy theorist” and I don't believe in spending too much time obsessively researching everything because we need to get on with actually living our lives.

I am also open and willing to changing my views and opinions if I'm presented with the right information but I'm strong in my beliefs until then.

Don't assume YOU are right and beat other people down physically or verbally – this is a time when more of us need to stand together even if we do disagree on certain things.

Whether you're for or against the vaccines, you surely can't think it's right to force people to take it or cast out people who choose not to.

None of us want to lose our freedom. Do you want to live in a comfortable “prison?” I know I don't! You have more chance of dying in a car accident than the virus so do we all stop driving?

A lot of people are too attached to their comforts and seem to happy to go along with it or at least put up with losing freedom as long as they still have their treats, Netflix and are told that masks and jabs will keep them safe.

Quote - Give them bread and circuses and they will never revolt

Life's full of risks and dangers, always has been but what's the point of being kept “safe” unable to live freely and be miserable for years and we can't keep ruining the majority of people's lives and well-being for a virus that has a survival rate of about 98%!


The best investment of your time and energy is in YOURSELF!

Before you criticise, shame and put others down for being “selfish” for not blindly conforming, ask yourself are YOU doing everything you can to make sure YOU are healthy and not a burden on the healthcare system and others?

Are you lifting others up, treating them with respect and leading by example or are you being an asshole to those around you? None of us have the right to judge anyone unless you've walked in their shoes!

"If you think you should judge someone, start with yourself!" - HATEBREED

Whether you believe masks and jabs are effective or not, let's face it, they won't keep you from getting sick or dying if you're constantly abusing your body, eating loads of junk food, boozing, not exercising.

Through my own struggles I have learned that YOUR HEALTH IS YOUR WEALTH and that there is nothing more valuable yet we all take it for granted and prioritise everything else above it in many cases – I was like this until I was forced to take action when it got so bad.

Be accountable for your own actions, your own life, your own behaviour.

YOUR health is YOUR responsibility no-one else's. If you choose not to look after it, do as you please but don't expect others to do what you want them to do for the sake of your health when you don't know anything about them and make no effort for yourself.

"We're not slaves, we're FREE!" - SEPULTURA


Freedom of speech and freedom of choice is something EVERYONE should have but also remember you have to deal with the consequences of your actions, lack of action and what you say whether good or bad.


Acknowledging our problems speaking our own truth is important but I want to end this on something positive as that's what we need to focus on MOST OF ALL!...

Regardless of opinions let's keep fuckin' push each other forward, lift each other up, keep improving our mental and physical health and realise our potential.

We are all capable of fucking great things. More than most of us realise!

I don't intend doing any more of these types of BLOGS as I want to focus on the POSITIVES and helping people overcome struggle and put good out into the world going forward, I just felt in my gut that I should put my opinion out there and most importantly encourage others to think for themselves whether they agree with me or not.

Quote - Stay positive. Attitude is everything

Remember to...




...and most importantly, whatever your struggle, NEVER GIVE UP!

There's ALWAYS hope and we can make it through anything!


BORN 2 BLEED owner and metal drummer Steve punching out with sticks wearing skull t-shirt

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