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STORIES-2-INSPIRE #12 - Scott Riley

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

Welcome to STORIES-2-INSPIRE #12 where I share inspiring stories of REAL people from many different backgrounds and situations who've overcome struggle, made amazing positive changes or achieved great things against the odds and refuse to give up!

Meet SCOTT RILEY - a man who hit ROCK BOTTOM due to chronic pain, autoimmune disease, being overweight, being clinically DEPRESSED and failed by the Healthcare System!

He went on to lose a shitload of weight, healed himself NATURALLY and went to the Jungles of PERU for guidance through Psychedelic plant medicines.

I first met Scott at one of his WIM HOF METHOD workshops a couple of years ago and his story TRULY inspired me and led to me doing the 28 DAY SUPERJUICE ME CHALLENGE.

When you hit rock bottom there's only one to go and that's UP! Scott took DRASTIC action completely turned his life around!


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NAME: Scott Riley







"HI, MY NAME IS SCOTT RILEY... ... and back in June 2014, I was suffering from a severe case of Rheumatoid Arthritis; an auto-immune disorder that western medicine doesn’t fully understand. Simplified, it is a case of your immune system attacking your own body, specifically the joints. The body knows something is wrong and your immune system springs into action, but what if the problem is... you? I believe that 23 years of poor diet, badly managed mental health and an almost flat out refusal to live life caused my body to turn on itself. Only when I hit a rock bottom so hard that I was 100 lbs (45 kg) over weight, barely leaving my small apartment because of physical pain and shame about my appearance, was I both desperate and sufficiently inspired to find a new path."

Before-after pics Summer 2014 and 2016 of man who had rheumatoid arthritis and depression but healed with no drugs


"Feeling failed by Western Medicine after 4 years trying a cocktail of failed pharmaceutical solutions, I opened my mind to alternatives. In conversation, my brother mentioned 'juice fasting' to me, and it was a moment that would change my life.

I watched several documentaries about how people had overcome their chronic illnesses by denying their body the processed food they normally eat, and flooding their system with micro-nutrients from raw, organic juices.

I decided to go 60 Spartan-strict days without a bite of solid food, following a nutritionally balanced 28-day program put back to back plus a few added days. I also took the decision to end my course of pharmaceutical drugs at this time, as they were having no positive effects and I wanted to give my body the best possible chance to detox.

The drugs I were taking were so toxic I required blood tests every two weeks to make they weren’t causing me even more harm."

Metal fan doing 1 handed elbow level in the woods


"My juice fast was successful but plans for the next step had already been made, long before I ever knew that would be the case. Near the start of my juice journey, I booked a trip 6 months in advance to the middle of the Peruvian Amazon for treatment with their indigenous plant medicines;

Bobinsana, Ayahuasca and Huachuma administered by native Shamans of Peru.

These plants (chiefly Ayahuasca) are considered useful in treating both mental illness and auto-immune conditions (perhaps because the two are so connected). However when the time came to fly into the jungle, I was already pharmaceutical drug free and suffering no arthritis symptoms.

I feel this allowed me to focus healing on my mind, more than my body. And after being on & off anti-depressants since the age of 17, my brain was long overdue some attention."

Metalhead bent over backwards doing yoga bridge pose


"I returned from 3 weeks in the Amazon with a lifetime of lessons. It was my first introduction to TRIBE and opening my heart, after connecting with over 20 incredible people in the jungle sanctuary.

I also realised my true calling to help others who were depressed, chronically ill or just wanted to improve their life circumstances, and this lead me to get qualified as a Chek Academy Holistic Lifestyle Coach in the months that followed my return to the UK.

I continued to investigate ways of looking after myself to ensure the symptoms of the illness I suffered wouldn’t return, however when I found the Wim Hof Method (as a means of reliably reducing inflammation in the body), my focus shift more towards what I was capable of in the present and future, more than running from fear in the past.

I dedicated myself to this breathing and cold training technique and became the first and only instructor in my home of Northern Ireland."

Metal fan Scott from Causeway Living in N.Ireland up the mountain in snow with Wim Hof


"The Wim Hof Method didn't just make me fitter, more resilient to stress and realise I was capable of anything. It was also the catalyst for creating Causeway Living. Through the Wim Hof Method, I was lucky enough to meet people I now count as family, and through the love and support from these incredible humans (just as in the Peruvian Amazon), I was pushed to grow.

I was encouraged to create Causeway Living and share my story and all that I’d learnt on the way.

Even though at times it seem that story appears to be more about giant leaps of faith than small, practical steps, it's important to remember the extreme circumstances I was starting out from.

As strange as it sounds, I'm extremely grateful for those years of mental and physical suffering, because without the chance to hit rock bottom, I wouldn’t have discovered the same simple and effective path to get more from life that developed into Causeway.

I learnt the hard way so others don't have to, and now I'm living my dream of helping others to do the same."

FINDING THE RIGHT STEPS FOR YOUR UNIQUE JOURNEY "If you’ve ever felt born into a world that you didn’t really fit, or living a life that lacks a sense of purpose, and lacked the knowledge of how to achieve what you want even if you did have a sense of ‘meaning’, then Causeway Living is for you. It’s not a one-size-fits-all approach, because what gives one person a sense of purpose, could leave the next person feeling empty, although many of the steps toward whatever feels most meaningful to each individual often end up the same." Scott


To find out more about Scott's coaching and life-changing methods at CAUSEWAY LIVING click HERE! YOU ARE NEVER STUCK FOREVER! There is ALWAYS a way to improve your life and turn things around... EVEN IF YOU'VE NO IDEA OF HOW RIGHT NOW! Keep searching, keep trying new things, keep pushing forward and most importantly... NEVER FUCKING GIVE UP!

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