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STORIES-2-INSPIRE #18 - Emanuel Thompson

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

Welcome to STORIES-2-INSPIRE #18 where I share inspiring stories of REAL people from many different backgrounds and situations who've overcome struggle, made amazing positive changes or achieved great things against the odds and refuse to give up!

Meet Emanuel Thompson, a man who has fought against the odds to turn his life around who I have a LOT of respect for! He definitely has that NEVER GIVE UP attitude! Listen to him tell his story in the video below but I'll also give a summary of it below...

Tattooed metalhead strongman giving the metal horns wearing BORN 2 BLEED skull logo cap

NAME: Emanuel Thompson



PROSPECT MMA MANAGEMENT Instagram: @prospectmmapodcast



1. Linkin Park

2. Limp Bizkit

3. Rammstein

Emanuel struggled a lot with Mental Health, depression and weight-loss issues in recent years. He was training hard and aiming to compete in bodybuilding but was injured in a car accident in 2014 which forced him to stop doing what he loved, drained him of all motivation and he spiralled into depression.

He went from a lean 185lbs to 255lbs and suffered from anxiety, a relationship break-up and lost his job and he hit rock bottom!

H then met a new woman (now his wife), had 2 kids then she was involved in a car accident!

His motivation to get fitter and healthier was for now his family so he could be strong, healthy and take care of them.

Covid hit in 2020, fucked up his routine and brought some mental health issues back and he had to become carer for his wife. He dropped some weight and went down to 190lbs but then ballooned back up to 220lbs as he started eating again due to stress and anxiety etc.

He then discovered the 75 HARD Challenge and failed it 5 TIMES before completing it!

Completing that challenge changed his outlook on life!

I've done the 75 HARD Challenge myself and it is HARD!

A true test of discipline and mental toughness so I have HUGE respect for Emanuel refusing to give up and re-starting time after time until he got it! 75 HARD is a not just some fitness challenge it's a MENTAL TOUGHNESS challenge developed by ANDY FRISELLA, the CEO of 1st Phorm, the Motherfucking CEO Podcast (MFCEO) and now the RealAF Podcast. Every day for 75 DAYS you must:

Eating a clean healthy diet with NO CHEAT DAYS/SNACKS

Drink a gallon of water (US gallon = 4 Litres)

Do 2 x 45 min workouts (1 of which MUST be outside)

Take a progress pic

Read 10 pages of a book (personal development/self-help/educational)

If you fall short on ANY 1 of these (even just forgetting the pic or reading 9 pages) you FAIL and must start over again.

Emmanuel also started the PROSTPECT MMA Podcast which took over his life, allowed him to do what he loves – talking about and with MMA fighters and going to fights!

This led to him covering local MMA fights, then start training and then signing up for a white-collar MMA fight himself!

The podcast was started by just going live on his phone and helped him overcome his anxiety!

Emanuel has also started PROSPECT MMA Management company for up and coming fighters and through the podcast and doing interviews etc he covers: Clan Wars MMA, Cage Legacy, Chaos Grappling Championship, IUR Fighting Championship, Cage Glory Championship, Soko Fighting Championship, Almighty Fighting Championship, Caged Steel and many others!

His advice is, if you're struggling just put your head down and start improving your life ONE STEP AT A TIME! No matter what you're struggle... NEVER GIVE UP!



💪 I want to build a community or tribe of like-minded people through BORN 2 BLEED so if you'd like to share your story email me at , send your story, your top 3 rock/metal/hardcore bands, where you're from and a pic of you rockin' your BORN 2 BLEED gear and lets fuckin' lift each other up, motivate and push each other forward!



(Owner BORN 2 BLEED) PS if you're ready to make serious changes in your life and willing to put the work in, but feel you need some guidance and support in moving forward...

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