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STORIES-2-INSPIRE #7 - Neil Harvey

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

Welcome to STORIES-2-INSPIRE #7 where I share inspiring stories of real people from many different backgrounds and situations who've overcome struggle, made amazing positive changes or achieved great things against the odds and refuse to give up!

Meet NEIL HARVEY, a man who suffered serious health issues and had to make serious lifestyle changes. It was awesome to hear that he adopted a POSITIVE MENTAL ATTITUDE and he's also very honest about his setbacks and continuing to battle on! We all face battles of some sort every day, the important thing is that you NEVER GIVE UP!

Man exercising outside wearing red print BORN 2 BLEED metal style motivation t-shirt

NAME: Neil Harvey

FROM: Bedfordshire, ENGLAND

FAV MUSIC: 80s & Classic Rock! 🤘

"I first came across BORN 2 BLEED when their ad popped up on my Facebook feed; I was immediately taken by the striking designs AND the attitude. The following day I went online to view/purchase some much needed ‘smaller’ t-shirts and ended up spending more time reading Steve’s even more inspiring story.

My own story started 28th November 2019 after years of poor lifestyle, diet, unhealthy living and work choices, it all came to a head when I suffered a heart-attack at work. Thanks to swift first aid by my colleagues and the arrival of the ambulance service, I was “blue-lighted” the 25+ miles to Harefield Hospital. Less than three hours later I was lying in the recovery room having had a stent fitted immediately and subsequently a second one fitted four days later. Having initially only felt minor discomfort at work, I was staggered to find out just how serious a condition I found myself in. I was finally discharged just over a week later, determined to grab the second chance I’d been given with both hands."

Man working out with hand weights outside wearing BORN 2 BLEED red print skull and metal style, motivation t-shirt

"Wholesale positive lifestyle changes lay ahead…

Stopping smoking immediately (the easiest bit by far), huge dietary changes, weight loss, fitness regime – all of which led to me shedding over 2 stone in the year since the event. I’ll be totally honest, I’ve put a fair amount of that back on during the latest lockdown though, but I’m determined to lose it again and MORE!

I’ve managed all of this without any formal cardio rehab programme, (all cancelled during the pandemic) and with a huge amount of support from friends, colleagues and my trainer. To be honest, the two biggest struggles I’ve faced have been the initial shock of just how quickly the body condition deteriorates after something like this and just how vulnerable you become and secondly, not beating myself up after undoing a lot of the hard work from last year in the last two months!

The best advice I can offer comes from my favourite BORN 2 BLEED Tee..."

Tattooed metalhead in gym wearing yellow print Born 2 Bleed metal style t-shirt with  IT'S NOT DEATH quote by Marcus Aurelius

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