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STORIES-2-INSPIRE #4 - Jimmy Kane

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

Meet Jimmy Kane a fellow METALHEAD, guitar teacher & Personal Development Coach. We first connected when he read my story on the Born 2 Bleed website and it turned out we had a lot in common!

We're both musicians, passionate fans of METAL and HARDCORE music and went through a lot of physical and mental struggles which almost broke us but lead to us making life-altering positive changes to completely turn our lives around and then set out on a mission to help others do the same!"

Listen to or read his inspiring story of personal struggle, overcoming mental and physical health issues & turning his life around.



Metalhead playing guitar live onstage

NAME: Jimmy Kane FROM: Southampton, ENGLAND Personal Development Coach: WANDERING STAR WELLBEING

Guitar Teacher at JIMMY's GUITAR GYM





"I was an anxious, shy and scared kid until I discovered metal and guitar! Through my teens, 20’s and into my 30’s I played in bands, toured UK, played shows in Europe and US whilst working in education for 10 years before becoming a full-time guitar teacher…

On the outside, I really had NOTHING to worry about it. INSIDE was a different story…I had mad anxiety, depression, zero self confidence, full of self-doubt, crushingly low self-opinion, felt weak and vulnerable.

Looking to the OUTSIDE for answers and I would deliberately sabotage any chance for to do well…missing out on so many opportunities.

Physically: No energy, lethargic, burnt out, overweight or underweight (yo-yo), had intolerances, pills for anxiety making me worse, acid reflux all my life, chronic pain and immune issues!

Worse though, I was in so much mental pain: Thought about suicide many times, 2015 verge of attempting it! I was at an all-time low. I set out to solve this problem once and for all.

Over the years that followed I tried everything and after years of trial and error, spending thousands to fix myself, I decided I didn’t want to be that person any longer. I would no longer be a victim.

I would not be at the mercy of my mind and a slave to my own thoughts and feelings and emotions…

The changes I was making proved to me that I wasn’t stuck anymore. I found by giving more to others, I was getting more. I helped them and It helped me.

It was the taking of action right when I needed it that was boosting my confidence and was like pouring fuel on my inner fire! Looking to the outside for motivation just doesn’t work…you’ve gotta look within for the answers and fucking dig deep!!!

Now in my 40’s I’m way more active than my younger self!

I started to feel better and my illnesses subsided enough for me to exercise. I started training Muay Thai again after a very long break from Martial Arts and I like DDP Yoga and running.

You don’t need to be super smart to understand this…in fact, the beauty is in its simplicity. Like anything you want in life you just have to get after it. Just fucking do it!

I had a realization so powerful that it got to the core of all my problems and totally transformed everything. I teach this understanding about the nature of thoughts and the mind with the BULLETPROOF MIND METHOD Coaching programs and continue to teach guitar too.

And throughout this entire journey METAL has been my soundtrack!



SURVIVE. THRIVE AND INSPIRE others with your journey too!

Big Love

Jimmy Kane

Metal guitarist in born 2 bleed motivation t-shirt with guitar and dare to fail tattoos

What Jimmy does perfectly aligns with the brand and he is now the official BORN 2 BLEED Personal Development Coach! BORN 2 BLEED sponsors 5 x 90min MINDSET COACHING sessions per month.

That means 5 BORN 2 BLEED customers get a potentially life-changing 90 minutes of mindset coaching every month... with ZERO cost!

BORN 2 BLEED is more than just a brand... it's an ATTITUDE!

It's a fucking MOVEMENT and it will continue to expand, grow and inspire heavy music fans worldwide to overcome their struggles, believe in themselves and be the best they can be!

MINDSET IS EVERYTHING! With the right mindset you can change and improve ANY area of your life for the better.

So if you're struggling with anxiety, depression, health issues or wanting to improve your mindset and quality of life in general this may be just the thing that helps you!

To qualify for one of these sponsored sessions, you must be a B2B mailing list subscriber and have spent £25 or more at BORN2BLEED.COM

If you're interested simply email

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I'm going to continue sharing inspirational stories from other BORN 2 BLEED customers/followers. These will be true stories of overcoming struggles (big & small), the benefits of making positive changes in your life, having that PMA (Positive Mental Attitude) and proof that you CAN be the person you want to be and that there is ALWAYS a way to IMPROVE and achieve great things!

I want to build a community/tribe of like-minded people through BORN 2 BLEED so if you'd like to share your story email me here at or message me on Facebook or Instagram and send your story and pic of you rockin' your BORN 2 BLEED gear and lets fuckin' lift each other up, motivate and push each other forward!



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