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The Subtle Art of Not Giving a FUCK

How many fucks do you give? Do you give a fuck about the right things? This is another book that helped to change my mindset.

After I read THE SECRET in 2015 and realising that changing how I thought would be vital to not only healing the chronic pain I suffered from but to living a better life in general!


In a bit to change how I thought about things I cut out watching or listening to news and other pointless bullshit and focused on watching and listening to things and reading books that I could LEARN from.

A combination of many podcasts, documentaries and reading several books helped change how I looked at life and be more PRO-ACTIVE rather than just letting life fucking happen to me!

A friend lent this book to me and I thought it was great.

A very different approach and attitude to that of The Secret but the author Mark Manson, a fellow METALHEAD, makes a lot of sense in a lot of the things he says.

The main point of the book is not about not giving a fuck about ANYTHING because that's impossible.

If you claim to not give a fuck about anything then you give a fuck about not giving a fuck, he says lol!

It's about choosing WHAT you give a fuck about.

Most people give too much of a fuck about what other people think of them and what they do.

Most people give too much of a fuck about what other people are doing and gossiping about them.

Most people give too much of a fuck about what the news and mainstream media is telling them...

The list goes on.

Basically you need something to focus on that will bring value to YOUR life and improve it.

Do you think successful people who are focused and driven to achieve their dreams and goals spend much time giving a fuck about what others think of them?...

Or do you think they spend a lot of time criticizing and putting others down?

Of course not, they focus on what's important to them!

This book talks about VALUES - something which our Mindset Coach Jimmy Kane helps people get clear on in his coaching sessions.

Get clear on what's important to YOU.

Get clear on what you want in your life - not what you think others think you SHOULD do!

These are only a few things that Mark Manson talks about in the book so I recommend reading it, it helped me.

He also uses a great example of how you can have amazing success in life but if you're so focused and bitter of what might have been, on how it could or should've been even better then you ruin your own happiness.

He talks about Dave Mustaine seen himself as "the guy who was kicked out of Metallica, the biggest metal band in the world" and seemed bitter and unhappy about it...

Even though he sold millions of albums, toured the world numerous times doing what he loves and has millions of fans!

Fucked up isn't it?

Weird how most people think how money, fame or material things will make them happy when really it's what you think of yourself when you're by yourself.

It's good to aim big and push yourself but you also have to train your mind and focus on the quality of your thoughts.

The struggle is real but the thing I've read about, and have experienced myself that leads to being happier is it's not about where you're at...

It's if you making PROGRESS!

Even small steps forward in any area in your life make you feel better, and if you have goals or something to aim for it gives you PURPOSE.

Something we all need!

I was never more miserable and unhappy than when I felt stuck, no-one could help me and that life was pointless.

But I found a way out of it.

So can you!

Change your MINDSET, change you LIFE!


Keep the music HARD n HEAVY!

Check out the summary of this book by Mark Manson himself HERE



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