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Updated: Nov 3, 2022

Who'd have thought that after years of suffering, where doctors, specialists and medical experts failed, a book would succeed? I thought I would share some of the books that helped changed my MINDSET and therefore my life and THIS is the one that truly changed my life! I tried so many things and went to so many people (medical doctors, specialists, physios, hollistic therapies & many more) looking for help with the chronic knee pain that plagued me for several years and caused extreme mental pain and struggle that affected EVERY area of my life! Life just became stagnant, depressing, I was in constant pain, could see no way out and just felt stuck.

Not only was I unable to do what I LIVED for, playing drums in a metal band, but I couldn't even sit down without pain or get comfortable at any time on any day.

The only time I had any relief was when I numbed it with alcohol or drugs at the weekend - which then made everything 10 times worse when I came back to reality!

I went to bed at night hoping I wouldn't fucking wake up, it ground me down so much!

I never would've thought in a million years, a book like THE SECRET, would be the thing that changed my fucking life and helped me heal myself... And then go on to be stronger, fitter, healthier than ever (mentally AND physically) and create BORN 2 BLEED to help inspire other like-minded heavy music fans like me to do the same! This was not the kind of book or info I would've normally given 10 seconds of my time to... BUT I was at fucking rock bottom, it was recommended to me by a guy who studied and practiced Chinese medicine, Holistic healing, kinesiology and other shit, who had helped me with health issues before and whom I trusted... AND I thought "well what I've been doing, how I've been living and how I've been thinking clearly isn't working so I should be open to giving anything a try!" I read this book with an open mind and tried to forget, or set aside everything I believed or didn't, and it helped me realise the following:

  • It is possible to change HOW you think and WHAT you believe

  • How learning to focus on the things you CAN control and thinking positive the majority of the time is life-changing!

  • That thoughts become things - everything around you that is man-made started as a thought in someone's head before it existed (every fucking thing!)

  • Being open-minded opens up a lot more possibilities in your life

  • The importance of cutting negative shit and people out of your life

  • Putting yourself first is NOT selfish, it actually puts you in a better place to help others

  • When you hold grudges it's only YOU that you're harming!

  • Beating yourself up for mistakes/failures is fucking you up more - don't say things to yourself that you wouldn't say to your best friend or people you care about!

  • We ALL have unlimited potential, and the more you believe this the better you will do in life!

These are a few of the things, but overall, reading this book was an opportunity to prove to myself that I could be completely open-minded and it gave me hope that if I focus on improving my life, healing and bettering myself in every way that my life would improve. Focusing on what I want more than what's wrong. Developing a POSITIVE MENTAL ATTITUDE!

The book teaches that if you visualise in your mind what you want in life CONSISTENTLY every day and genuinely BELIEVE it whole-heartedly that you will achieve or receive it.

The one VITAL part the book doesn't emphasis enough, is TAKING ACTION!

But I took that for granted that you can't just WISH for stuff or everything in your life to improve and it just happens! I can understand how some people take that from the book and call it bullshit!

I related it to autobiographies I'd read and interviews I listened to by Rock Stars in famous rock or metal bands as well as UFC fighters like Conor McGregor, actors like Jim Carey and other really successful people.

What they all had in common was UNWAVERING BELIEF that they would succeed, no matter how many people called them crazy, told them it would never happen or what setbacks they faced.

They all refused to give up!

The book led me to stop watching negative shit or pointless crap on the TV all the time and instead watching/listening to podcasts and documentaries about inspiring people who overcome struggle and read more books and learn more about health, fitness and nutrition. Learning about how the mind works, how to build a strong mindset, discipline and how to think like successful people were a huge part in healing for me and improving my life TENFOLD! From being depressed, miserable, anxious and unable to do much, to getting back to playing drums, doing yoga, climbing mountains, MMA training and starting my own business! You can read more about my story and read my other blogs HERE. And it all starts with believing in yourself and that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE! You're only stuck if you believe you are and refuse to change. Never fucking lose hope. Go read the book, keep an open mind and make some changes in your life! You know you are capable of more and there's always a way. Steve

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