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Updated: Oct 14, 2022

The beer tasted so good and those spicy crisps were fuckin' amazing...

But FUCK! I'm on the SUPER BLEND ME 10-Day Challenge and I've fucked it up on the first day?!

No it was actually a dream lol! No shit!

Jason Vale's SUPER BLEND ME Challenge was designed to be a quick, handy way of detoxing your body, losing some weight or getting lean fairly quickly in a HEALTHY way! You can do the 7, 10, 14 or 21 day challenge. The challenge consists of 3 smoothies per day which are loaded with vitamins and nutrients and the recipes are made up of nut butters, coconut/almond/oat milks, fruits, vegetables and plant-based protein powder.

It's designed for anyone who wants to make a serious change to their diet and health, whether you want to lose weight or you're already fit and healthy and want to get even more lean fairly quickly and safely.

The book includes great information about the plan and the importance and effectiveness of putting healthy food into your body and also a VERY important aspect - MINDSET! A huge part of seeing these types of challenges through, breaking bad habits and improving your health and life in general is psychological!

You're basically cutting out all the shitty, sugary, fatty, processed fake food that most of us eat day to day and loading the body with healthy shit to allow it to start healing. Many people who done it lost a lot of weight, had more energy afterwards, improved their skin and overall health and continued to eat healthy after completing the challenges.

I've been eating pretty healthy and been pretty fit since making MAJOR changes in my life 6-7 years ago when chronic knee pain that doctors couldn't do anything about, nearly broke me mentally! It was through changing my MINDSET, making a decision to do WHATEVER IT TAKES to heal myself and completely changing my diet and lifestyle! If you want to read more about that check out my blog CHANGE YOUR MINDSET - CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

DAY 1 - 1st August 2022 Start Weight: 11st 5lbs (159lbs)

Finish Weight: 10st 9lbs (149lbs) Recently though I experienced a taste of junk food addiction where my comfort eating started to get out of control but the work I've done in the last few years has given my much greater awareness. My mother's unexpected death back in October '21 devasted me and just a few months ago my relationship of 5+ years ended with the girl I thought at one point was "the one." My old way of numbing myself when shit went sideways was drink a shitload of Jager and beer and party hard but I've left that in the past.

This time comfort eating seemed to grab me and felt like it was turning into a bad habit or addiction as I got into a habit of eating those big jumbo bags of crisps and a couple of beer and increasing number of nights in the week!

Not a big deal you might think! But it COULD be!

... And I didn't spend the last few years getting really healthy, fit and strong and feeling better than ever to let it all go down the shitter and start putting on weight and feeling more and more sluggish...

So I decided to take fucking ACTION!

I had already done Jason Vale's 28 Day SUPER JUICE ME Challenge in 2019 and know of others (some personally) who healed themselves of Rheumatoid Arthritis and various conditions by drinking freshly juiced fruit and vegetables every day and cutting out the crap, so I knew the benefits were REAL! I didn't want to lose much weight and wanted to do something different to break the cycle, get back into my healthy habits and do a bit of a mind and body reset so the SUPER BLEND ME Challenge was perfect.

Cleaning JUST the blender is a lot easier and quicker than cleaning the juicer so that made it appeal more!

It was tough going at times but I did it!

Most ppl feel shit & low energy (if at all) the first 3 days but days 7 & 8 were fucking SHIT for me, soooo drained...

Clearly I'm weird & back-to-front but it's all good! lol

As I said at the start, I thought I failed the challenge on the first day after lying down for a nap and fucking dreaming of eating crisps and having a beer but it was a dream thankfully lol!

I had cravings for both the junk food, beer AND just food in general because obviously were used to the habit of eating and actually chewing things! Unlike most people who do the challenge my energy was pretty low throughout most of the days until near the end.

Saying that, the cravings I had weren't THAT bad and I still was able to do a few workouts including a 10 mile hike, thought that one fucking DRAINED me and I've felt really sluggish in the last few months in general at times. Again most people are able to train hard while doing this and get great results and have loads of energy but everyone's different at the end of the day.

Thankfully, I felt energy levels rise on DAY 9 and even more on DAY 10 - I woke up feeling GREAT!

I was feeling great actually.

My mind was more clear, I was feeling more positive than I had been in quite a while so I'm glad I pushed through it and didn't quite..

And no doubt my body needed the de-tox & reset too!

There's ALWAYS something you can do if you're suffering or not liking how you feel or where you're at...


And it maybe something different, something that you think is "weird"... or something your doctors or other healthcare professionals wouldn't advise!

The more open-minded you are in life, the more options you have available!

The day after it finished I was so happy to eat my breakfast and REALLY appreciated it and being fucking alive and well!

Scrambled eggs (organic), spinach, peppers, spring onions and avocado with pink Himalayan rock salt and crushed garlic - tasted fucking AWESOME, and it's healthy! My advice is, if you're serious about cleaning up your diet/lifestyle and/or want to get fitter and healthier...

Or ESPECIALLY if you've had poor health or chronic conditions that doctors haven't been able to help you with...

Do something fucking DIFFERENT! Take action into your own hands and get HEALTHIER! It's not going to be easy but it's harder to spend the rest of your life suffering and not living like your really want to live!

If I can do these challenges anyone can - I was the kid who NEVER ate vegetables! I didn't eat my first fucking salad until I was 38 after doing the SUPER JUICE ME 28 Day Challenge! I kid you not! lol I didn't think it was possible for your taste buds to change but they can and if you see through the hard parts and keep going yours will change too and you'll be craving healthy food by the end!

But if you go back to your normal diet then you'll put the weight back on and feel shitty again so DECIDE what you want to do!

I personally aim to eat healthy non-processed food 80% of the time but I still struggle at times too and slip up. Everyone fucks up, but don't dwell on it, do something about it! Go check out Jason's book or app for this challenge, which includes great short videos, advice and even generates the exact shopping list you need. WWW.JUICEMASTER.COM Hope this helps you and gives you hope if you're struggling. Check out the BLOG page on the BORN 2 BLEED website for inspiring stories from Metalheads worldwide plus tips on improving your health and mindset!

Watch the super inspiring SUPER JUICE ME DOCUMENTARY on YouTube and the videos I've included here and KNOW there's always something you can do to improve your life.

You'll see 8 people with various illnesses and chronic conditions make MAJOR improvements in their health! Unreal! If you're willing to push yourself and make SERIOUS changes!


Whatever your struggle... NEVER GIVE UP! Steve

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