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MY STORY: From Broken & Down To Strong, Fit & Healthy!

Updated: Oct 13, 2023

I know first hand what it's like to feel down and out, broken, anxious, depressed, in a lot of pain with no hope.

Back in 2000 I was involved in a 3-wheeler motorcycle accident suffering a broken back, arm and wrist and was lucky not to have been killed or paralysed.

The physical pain and impact on my life was devastating but the worst was the mental pain and struggle it caused, but I refused to give up and realised I still had a lot to be grateful for as there were a lot of people out there a lot worse off than me, and within 1 and a half years clawed my way back, rehabilitated my back and arm, started working again and threw my all into my passion - playing drums and writing HEAVY FUCKING MUSIC with my band INTERROGATE! I was fucking determined that my injuries would NOT hold me back and I would bounce back no matter what!

I went on to record several albums/EPs and play numerous gigs all over Ireland & as far away as the US, playing a series of shows and travelling across 5 States on a short East Coast Tour in 2011 - something I never thought possible at the time of my accident!

My life has revolved around rock/metal since I first heard MOTLEY CRUE & PANTERA as a teenager and my passion for rock, metal and hardcore remains stronger than ever today!

The music video below was filmed during my on tour in the States in 2011 - it was rough at times but I had such a good fucking time (though my liver might disagree lol!)

Fast forward to 2012! I developed chronic knee pain which eventually forced me to give up playing drums/music altogether in 2013 , went through a stressful relationship break-up, and was stuck in a job I hated! I was completely devastated, anxious and depressed and for a long time felt like there was no hope and no one could help me with the pain!

I tried to 'escape' through drinking and partying hard at the weekends, but when everything wore off it made the depression and anxiety 10 times worse and at 1 point I was going to bed every night of the week not caring if I woke up in the morning! Life just felt stagnant, miserable and meaningless!

HOWEVER... after reading a book called The Secret, recommended by a friend, I started forcing myself to be more open-minded, think more positively and started cutting out the negative influences in my life.

The Secret is something I normally would have dismissed as airy-fairy bullshit but I figured everything I was doing and the way I was thinking wasn't working so I HAD to make changes and at least try new things.

Book cover of The Secret by Rhonda Byrne about the Law of Attraction

I forced myself to develop a POSITIVE MENTAL ATTITUDE and step by step, introduced healthy habits 1 by 1 and as I started to feel better I got more determined and started pushing myself to do things I never thought I could do, like eating healthier, cutting out the binge drinking/partying and doing new forms of exercise (well, new to me!).

I starting doing DDP Yoga...then yoga, meditation, MMA classes and hiking and here I am now, 40 years old at the time of writing this, feeling stronger, fitter and healthier than I was in my twenties, back playing drums, giving drum lessons and I’ve created a brand that I hope will help change many other peoples' lives for the better.

Life is pretty much unrecognisable from what it was just a few years ago! I am still a work-in-progress, but I'm much happier, healthier and am all about learning, growing and improving in every area of my life!

I created BORN 2 BLEED to spread a positive message to motivate and inspire fellow METALHEADS (& anyone else) to overcome their struggles, think for themselves and be the best they can be!

It started with the idea of making metal band-style t-shirts/hoodies etc with inspirational/motivational quotes on them and sharing motivational content on social media as well as health/mindset tips that helped me turn my life around!

My intention is for BORN 2 BLEED to become much more than a just a clothing brand and intend to get involved in promoting and supporting heavy music and much more in the future!

If I can help even 1 or 2 people change their lives for the better, even in some small way, then it will all have been worth it!

No matter what your struggle, know there is ALWAYS hope - NEVER GIVE UP!

Born 2 Bleed owner Steve playing drums with his metal band Interrogate

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