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STORIES-2-INSPIRE #14 - Strong Bearded CREED

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

Welcome to STORIES-2-INSPIRE #14 where I share inspiring stories of REAL people from many different backgrounds and situations who've overcome struggle, made amazing positive changes or achieved great things against the odds and refuse to give up!

Meet Wes "CREED" Colgate, fellow Metalhead and BORN 2 BLEED's very first official AMBASSADOR. It took a change in MINDSET, HEAVY METAL and HEAVY WEIGHTS to drive his demons out!

Check out his story below - NEVER GIVE UP!

Tattooed metalhead strongman giving the metal horns wearing BORN 2 BLEED skull logo cap

NAME: Wes "CREED" Colgate









"Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Creed, I'm a strongman a METALHEAD and ROCKER! I love training and rocking out and have a long list of bands I love listening to.

I was asked to share my story on how I dealt with my demons and addictions."

Before and after transformation pics of tattooed, bearded metalhead topless and wearing skull logo tank top

"Years ago I struggled with a drink problem which then brought out the demons in my head, taking control of my life and making me worse (anger,depression and anxiety) until one day I had a knife in my hand cutting myself, blood all over me and then this song came on by a band called COLD. The song was WASTED YEARS.

That song and all the words in it made me realise that I needed to change my life so I stopped everything that I was doing, picked myself up and threw away the drink and decided to go COLD TURKEY!"

Tattooed metal head wearing BLOOD, SWEAT + PMA t-shirt in gym with Arnie on wall

"For about 3 weeks my body and mind was going through PAIN but in the end it all cleared and when I got past the pain the idea came on what to do with myself. I was a fat bloke who destroyed himself so the next step was to REBUILD.

I looked at 2 things that would help me mentally AND physically and realised the gym would be the place to start. I just did cardio to start with and as time went by my confidence grew and I became interested in WEIGHTS. I realised that I wanted to become physically stronger and that's where I found my new addiction.

Training helps me control and deal with all my problems and the people I have met along the way gave me great support and POSITIVE ENERGY! I try to give them and anyone as much help and support as I can."

Bearded, tattooed bodybuilder wearing BORN 2 BLEED beanie and skull logo NEVER GIVE UP motivation t-shirt

"I try to INSPIRE anyone I can to make people realise you are capable of doing anything to make your life better and become STRONGER. Anything is possible just don't be embarrassed or afraid to try and surround yourself with POSITIVITY and people who are positive.

It WILL help you to overcome anything so ENJOY life, have some positivity, ROCK OUT and have as much fun as possible!


Bearded metalhead strongman triplets wearing BORN 2 BLEED and GET BACK UP t-shirts


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